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High-tech professional designers and vigilant project executors

The skills, services and style, in which Sager and Associates specialise, provide clients with the opportunity to experience the variety, elegance and professionalism that epitomises the art of interior design. From each project’s conception to completion, Sager and Associates are involved in every aspect of the project; from the building to project management, design, interior decoration, as well as the selection of finishes.

Interior Design

Interior design encompasses the components of design, manufacturing and installation, as well as renovation of living spaces. Sager and Associates has a wide range of experience in all areas, and as a result possesses the skills and abilities to accomplish any task to the highest standard. Sager and Associates strive for excellence, originality, comfort and style in all their designs; and as a result each project is unique and ideally suited to the tastes, specifications and, specifically, the lifestyle of each client. Our projects reflect our versatility and abilities. Our interior design always reflects precisely the needs of the clients, whilst retaining the signature of excellence for which Sager and Associates has become known.

Interior Decorating

The defining characteristic of Sager and Associates is that we have no single style. Instead we choose to engage and interpret the personal and distinctive style of our client. Sager and Associates are able to provide a variety of styles, ranging from eclectic to traditional, or classical to contemporary. We are able to incorporate many varied ideas and concepts into our work. Through the many different uses of colour, texture, lighting and space, we are able to create several different moods, and unique styles and atmospheres which always reflect the personalities and lifestyles of the client. The concept of interpretation and reflection form part of the foundation of the interior design philosophy that Sager and Associates embodies.

Project Management / Site Supervision

Sager and Associates are also able to provide project management and site supervision services. Our clients are kept regularly informed and consulted via email, pictures, faxes and site meetings, and as a result, are always an integral part of the project, and therefore any task undertaken by Sager and Associates is always completed professionally and with the client in mind.