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Doing all our projects with greater involvement and a deeper level of commitment


The allusion to a natural, calming and comfortable environment is clearly evident in this design, through the use of natural textures and understated, yet warm colours. The concept is noticeably based on the ambience of a relaxed and secure environment and it is this atmosphere which has been interpreted and incorporated into the design.


An elegant interior design that incorporates the professional image of the interior, whilst at the same time integrating sophistication, function and style. Aesthetically pleasing decor and design, as well as unique interpretation, understated lighting and composition, all portray the quintessential corporate atmosphere.


The stylish use of colours, clean lines and textures always provide elegant and sophisticated interior designs that can be classic, eclectic or contemporary.


A chic and stylish design that embodies the ideal, respective target market, through the use of subtle lighting, elegant lines and warm, inviting colours. These themes provide an aesthetically attractive visual effect that, with the use of textural contrast, offset the contemporary design


Sager and Associates have created an original and exciting school environment that is condusive to student’s learning, as well as providing the students with creative, inspirational surroundings through the innovative use of space, colour and lighting.


These interiors incorporate the ideals of style, elegance and sophistication, through which the understated and contemporary elements of the designs are visible. Through the subtle lighting, elegant clean lines and stylish interior, the nautical atmosphere is clearly

The following can be supplied on request:

1. List of clients (over 100 to be supplied)

2. List of Awards & articles published

3. Letter of recommendation