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We take leadership and total responsibility for the complete execution of the project

As a firm we believe in doing all our projects with greater involvement and a deeper level of commitment. Thus we give highly personalized service to all our clients and strive for their complete satisfaction. This is achieved by clear and constant one-on-one communication by both the partners. We are looking to build and nurture long term relationships.

Sager and Associates have no set style. The style is dictated by the client. We believe in the concepts of diversity, range and choice, and as a result, the variation of styles that we are able to produce and create provide our clients with a plethora of alternatives and choices that are original, tasteful, sophisticated and always stylish.

Our greatest skill is our ability to adapt, interpret and to incorporate of the clients and needs into any project. It is also the lifestyle and personality of the client that Sager and Associates strive to interpret, and integrate into the clients’ surroundings.

Sager and Associates’ greatest aim is ultimately to reflect the very psyche of the client through our work, and to provide the ideal symbiosis of comfort, originality and style that is inscribed in all our work. Regardless of what the undertaking may be, Sager and Associates will always endeavour to provide a refined, sophisticated and original design that will ensure that every space we create, through the combination of elegance, comfort and beauty, will always be understated and stylish.

Meet the team

Sharon Sager  - Sager & Associates

Sharon Sager

Managing Director


Mikha Notwala

Senior Designer

Rashieda Parsons - Sager & Associates

Rashieda Parsons

Office Manager

Washiela Williams - Sager & Associates

Washiela Williams

Costing, buying and admin co-ordinator

Pinky Kalolo - Sager & Associates

Pinky Kalolo